Winter wedding ideas in Denmark

Winter wedding ideas in Denmark

Choosing the winter to tie the knot can be one of the biggest decision you make for your winter wedding planning. There is a growing trend of brides choosing autumn or winter weddings instead of summer weddings. Winter weddings in Denmark, can be very beautiful and intimate, and certainly will stand out from the many summer weddings that are held each year.

Winter wedding ideas in Denmark

While there are some disadvantages to having a winter wedding

While there are some disadvantages to having a winter wedding, there are some significant advantages. If you want a wedding that will be beautiful and truly unique, there are lots of different winter themes for weddings that are unique and can only be held in the winter months that will make your wedding very personal and very special.

Women who like to do things differently may really like the different themes and style choices available for winter weddings that aren’t  available for spring or summer weddings.

When deciding whether or not a winter wedding is the right choice for you, talk over the advantages and disadvantages of having a winter wedding with your fiancé before deciding if this is right for you.

disadvantages to having a winter wedding

The Advantages of a Winter Wedding in Denmark

When thinking about whether or not to have a winter wedding, here are some of the many advantages to consider:

  • You can save a lot of money.  By holding it in the winter you can save up to half the cost of a traditional summer wedding and get more for your money since winter is considered as “off wedding season”. 
  • You can get exactly what you want.  It’s more likely that you will be able to get the hall, restaurant, church, or other location of your choice. But since not that many people get married in the winter, the same popular locations are usually available during the winter, sometimes at a reduced cost. 
  • More of your loved ones may be able to attend. By holding your wedding in the winter it’s more likely that family and friends will have fewer social commitments and thus will be free to attend your wedding. 
  • Winter weddings are different. Do you want your wedding to stand out and be memorable, a winter wedding can be a great way to do something new and different for your wedding. 
Advantages of a Winter Wedding

The Disadvantages of a Winter Wedding

While there are a lot of great reasons to have a winter wedding, there are, of course, some downsides to having a winter wedding that should be considered before definitely choosing to have winter wedding. There are ways to overcome these issues, but it’s up to you to decide if a winter wedding is right for her.

  • The weather might not be what you expect. Obviously, in northern climates you’d expect it to be cold and snowy. Bad weather could mean that family and friends wouldn’t be able to make it to the ceremony. The weather might not be terrible – it usually isn’t; but it might be too mild, which can also ruin wedding plans. If you are envisioning a beautiful snowy landscape for your wedding, or arriving in a horse drawn sleigh, and there is no snow then your wedding plans could fall flat fast. 
  • A winter wedding might cause holiday complications. While you might love the idea of a Christmas theme wedding full of red and green and gold and traditional Christmas elements, your family and friends might not want to spend Christmas Eve or Christmas Day at a wedding. Also, holidays are a prime travel time and it might be expensive and time consuming for friends and relatives who need to travel to make it to the wedding. 

These disadvantages can be easily overcome with proper planning and some creativity. With some handy winter wedding tips from this site, there is no stopping you from having a successful and romantic winter wedding of your dreams.