Bridal Bouquets – How to Make Your Own

If you are on a tight budget for your wedding, or if you just like working with flowers, you might try making your own bridal bouquet.  You may run into some problems that can be avoided by paying attention to our checklist for making a bridal bouquet.

Glorious, sweetly scented Roses

Plan before starting

If you just jump in to making your bouquet without planning what style, colors, and flowers you want, you may not like the finished product. It would be best to have chosen your wedding colors before you begin the bouquet. Take a swatch or color chart with you to the florist to be sure you are ordering the correct colors.


Choose the flowers

A traditional bridal bouquet has an odd number of flowers, usually seven or nine, but you may want more or less, depending on your wedding budget. Roses are a popular choice for the bouquet. If you do choose roses, make sure you order long stems, so you have enough to work with. Keep in mind that flowers with soft stems, like daisies, may droop if made too much before the ceremony.

You do not have to use the same flowers in your bridal bouquet as you have chosen to decorate the wedding location or reception hall. You will want, however, to make sure they don’t clash too much.

Choose the flowers

Choosing the greens

Unless you are choosing to go with a flower only bouquet, you will need to carefully consider which greens you place in your bouquet. The foliage that surrounds and supports your chosen flowers can make or break your bouquet. Using a mixture of foliage generally goes nicely with all flowers. However, like flowers, you need to keep in mind that some foliage will wilt or turn brown if cut too early. As you gather your material together, keep in mind that your bouquet is often seen from all angles, including underneath. Keep everything trimmed neatly.

Choose the flowers

Gather your supplies

You will also need some other basic supplies, such as scissors, a knife (to cut the stems), floral tape, and ribbon in a color that compliments both the color of your flowers and the overall color palette of your wedding. Fortunately, all of these supplies are easily found at your local craft store.

Schedule Time

Depending on your talent and experience, it may take a bit of time to make your bridal bouquet just the way you want it. You may want to practice once or twice ahead of time just to make sure you know how to make it.

You will also want to make sure to set aside some time in your wedding planner or your wedding checklist the evening before you wedding to make your bouquet. Leave the flowers and greens in water if you make the bouquet the night before, but make sure that the ribbons do  not get wet. If the weather is very hot, you will want to put the flower, still in water, into a refrigerator to keep the flowers fresh.


  1. Lay out your supplies. You don’t want to be searching for your scissors while your flowers are already in hand.
  2. Prepare your flowers. Strip leaves from the stem and remove wilted or browned petals and flowers.
  3. Prepare the foliage in the same manner.
  4. Holding the foliage in one hand, arrange them so they form a rounded head.
  5. Next, place flowers among the foliage. Arrange the flowers and the foliage so that all are evenly spaced.
  6. Add flowers to the outer edges of the bouquet. Your bouquet should fan out in your hand naturally.
  7. Once you have the shape and design you like, wrap floral tape around the stems tightly, just above your hand.
  8. Wrap the floral tape around the stems at least three times.
  9. Tie ribbons around the stems, being sure to cover the floral tape.
  10. Cut all the stems about six inches below the lowest edge of the ribbons.

Choosing Wedding Songs

Choosing the right music for your wedding can be daunting. Many people feel they have to choose traditional wedding songs for their ceremony and first dances. However, more and more frequently people are choosing popular songs that mean something special to them, rather than traditional wedding songs.

Choosing a wedding song that holds a special meaning

Choosing a wedding song that holds a special meaning

Choosing a wedding song that holds a special meaning to you and your fiance will make your ceremony and first dance just that much more special. Whenever you hear that particular song, you will be reminded of your ceremony or first dance.

There are at least three points in your ceremony and reception

There are at least three points in your ceremony and reception that you will want to choose a song for: your entrance into the ceremony; your exit from the ceremony; and your first dance at the reception. You might also want to choose a song for a father-daughter dance and maybe a couple other special dances during the reception.

There are at least three points in your ceremony and reception

Most couples choose a contemporary, popular song for their first dance

Most couples choose a contemporary, popular song for their first dance. This song might be the same one you first danced to, or might have some other special meaning. Keep in mind that you first dance doesn’t have to be to a slow song; as long as your chosen song is danceable, it will work.

You will probably want to sit down with the DJ or band well in advance of the ceremony and reception to go over what songs you want included. Be sure to also let them know if there are any particular songs you do not want played. There’s nothing worse that bringing up bad feelings by hearing your ex’s favorite song!

Fotograf Hobro
Bryllup Djursland
Fotograf Bryllup København | Københavns Rådhus

The most important thing to remember when choosing your wedding music

The most important thing to remember when choosing your wedding music is that the choice is yours and your fiance’s – not anyone else’s. If the songs have meaning to you, include them. However, you may want to consider the lyrics before making your final choice. Walking down the isle to a depressing song about loosing everything isn’t really a great message to send (unless it’s done as a joke and people realize this). Playing songs with NC-17 rated lyrics at a reception filled with young children is not going to make you a popular bride. The music itself might be beautiful, but after reviewing the lyrics, you may decide that it simply isn’t the right song for your wedding.

The most important thing to remember when choosing your wedding music

If you have hired a band to play, make sure you think about what instruments they will be using – you may not want a lot of electric guitar and drums, or you may not want a harp. Be prepared to listen to various bands and other music before you finalize your wedding song play-list.

Wedding Themes

Your wedding should be one of the most memorable days of your life. You will still remember a cookie cutter wedding, but personalizing the details of your wedding according to your personality (and your soon-to-be spouse’s) will turn that boring wedding into an event you’ll remember forever!

Now more than ever, couples can spice up their wedding in ways that make their day unique to them alone, and unlike days gone by, no one will bat an eye. Traditional wedding protocol is still popular, but that doesn’t mean you need to follow it to the letter.

Before you start calling reception halls and caterers, sit down with your partner and discuss what the two of you want for your wedding. Write down your ideas for the perfect wedding. Keep these ideas in your wedding organizer for reference later.

Wedding Themes

Theme weddings are very popular

Theme weddings are very popular. These can be very subdued events, or crazy and outrageous. Remember, this is your wedding, your special day. Don’t be inhibited by what you think others will think. As long as you and your partner are having fun, then your theme wedding is a success!

Theme weddings are very popular

If you want to have a theme wedding that is fairly elaborate

If you want to have a theme wedding that is fairly elaborate, then be sure to allow yourself plenty of time for planning. It may take some time to find the right place to hold a pirate themed wedding, or a caterer that can make an elegant castle cake to go with your fairytale theme. Remember to give your guests plenty of time to find costumes, if you choose to extend the theme to them as well.

You may think a wedding planner is a useless expense

You may think a wedding planner is a useless expense

You may think a wedding planner is a useless expense. However, having someone else to take care of all the minute details of a theme wedding (or any wedding for that matter) might be just the thing you need to take the stress off your shoulders. A planner that specializes in theme weddings will know shortcuts and vendors that will make your wedding a fantastic success.

You may think a wedding planner is a useless expense

Be sure to interview several wedding planners before making the final decision

Be sure to interview several wedding planners before making the final decision to hire one or not. Prices for their services will vary depending on how elaborate and large you want your wedding to be, and how involved you want the planner to be. When balancing the cost of a wedding planner against your budget, keep in mind that using a wedding planner will allow you to continue your busy daily schedule knowing that every detail of your wedding is being handled. That alone could make a good wedding planner well worth their price.

Winter wedding ideas in Denmark

Choosing the winter to tie the knot can be one of the biggest decision you make for your winter wedding planning. There is a growing trend of brides choosing autumn or winter weddings instead of summer weddings. Winter weddings in Denmark, can be very beautiful and intimate, and certainly will stand out from the many summer weddings that are held each year.

Winter wedding ideas in Denmark

While there are some disadvantages to having a winter wedding

While there are some disadvantages to having a winter wedding, there are some significant advantages. If you want a wedding that will be beautiful and truly unique, there are lots of different winter themes for weddings that are unique and can only be held in the winter months that will make your wedding very personal and very special.

Women who like to do things differently may really like the different themes and style choices available for winter weddings that aren’t  available for spring or summer weddings.

When deciding whether or not a winter wedding is the right choice for you, talk over the advantages and disadvantages of having a winter wedding with your fiancé before deciding if this is right for you.

disadvantages to having a winter wedding

The Advantages of a Winter Wedding in Denmark

When thinking about whether or not to have a winter wedding, here are some of the many advantages to consider:

  • You can save a lot of money.  By holding it in the winter you can save up to half the cost of a traditional summer wedding and get more for your money since winter is considered as “off wedding season”. 
  • You can get exactly what you want.  It’s more likely that you will be able to get the hall, restaurant, church, or other location of your choice. But since not that many people get married in the winter, the same popular locations are usually available during the winter, sometimes at a reduced cost. 
  • More of your loved ones may be able to attend. By holding your wedding in the winter it’s more likely that family and friends will have fewer social commitments and thus will be free to attend your wedding. 
  • Winter weddings are different. Do you want your wedding to stand out and be memorable, a winter wedding can be a great way to do something new and different for your wedding. 
Advantages of a Winter Wedding

The Disadvantages of a Winter Wedding

While there are a lot of great reasons to have a winter wedding, there are, of course, some downsides to having a winter wedding that should be considered before definitely choosing to have winter wedding. There are ways to overcome these issues, but it’s up to you to decide if a winter wedding is right for her.

  • The weather might not be what you expect. Obviously, in northern climates you’d expect it to be cold and snowy. Bad weather could mean that family and friends wouldn’t be able to make it to the ceremony. The weather might not be terrible – it usually isn’t; but it might be too mild, which can also ruin wedding plans. If you are envisioning a beautiful snowy landscape for your wedding, or arriving in a horse drawn sleigh, and there is no snow then your wedding plans could fall flat fast. 
  • A winter wedding might cause holiday complications. While you might love the idea of a Christmas theme wedding full of red and green and gold and traditional Christmas elements, your family and friends might not want to spend Christmas Eve or Christmas Day at a wedding. Also, holidays are a prime travel time and it might be expensive and time consuming for friends and relatives who need to travel to make it to the wedding. 

These disadvantages can be easily overcome with proper planning and some creativity. With some handy winter wedding tips from this site, there is no stopping you from having a successful and romantic winter wedding of your dreams.

Wedding Dresses in Vejle and Kolding – Attire Tips

One of the biggest decisions you will face as the big day approaches is choosing the perfect wedding dress and wedding attire. The process of shopping for a wedding dress can be a fabulous adventure, but it can also be stressful and overwhelming–particularly because a bride-to-be often starts shopping for her gown before many other details are determined. You might have had a clear mental picture of the perfect wedding dress ever since you were five years old.

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Wedding Dresses in Vejle and Kolding – Attire Tips

Take a few minutes to think about what you want

Take a few minutes to think about what you want. It will be helpful when you enter the maze of wedding dresses out there to know what your budget is, any details that are essential (i.e. I must have a full skirt, or my arms must be covered), and an idea of how traditional you want your dress to be. After all, if really a teal pantsuit would work best for you, it’s probably not worth your time to sort through racks of flouncy white gowns.

Se billeder fra bryllupsfotografering på Sonnerupgaard her.

American wedding

Give yourself ample time to plan- generally the rule of thumb is that you need to order your gown at least six months before your wedding. So you should ideally start shopping for your gown nine months or more before your wedding. (If you don’t have this much time, its okay, just budget for some rush charges).

Se kreative bryllupsbilleder fra Skarrildhus her.

On your wedding day, you’ll want to look great

On your wedding day, you’ll want to look great, but you’ll also want to be comfortable- it will be hard to pose for all those pictures, dance, laugh and more if you’re tugging your dress up or have boning jutting into your ribs. First- consider which wedding dress is most appropriate to your day – for example- consider a shorter tea-length or cocktail length dress for a beach wedding. If you’re the kinda gal who likes to dance with her hands in the air, and anticipates doing the limbo, perhaps a strapless dress is not the one for you. Look for wedding dresses with removable sleeves or straps to give you the widest range of options.

Se billeder fra bryllup på Sophienberg her.

On your wedding day, you’ll want to look great

Think about your body type and what kinds of dresses generally look good on you. Take a look at what you regularly wear that makes you feel confident and beautiful, and then look for a wedding dress with similar lines.

If a friend is making your wedding dress

If a friend is making your wedding dress, ensure that you have agreed on a fitting schedule and chances to make adjustments. If you’re looking for a bargain at a sample sale, or discount outlet, you should budget money for taking the dress to a good tailor. Many designers will ask for three fittings, and will closely tailor your wedding dress to fit you.

Se billeder fra Christiansminde her

If a friend is making your wedding dress

If money is an issue

If money is an issue, remember that the most expensive kind of dress is not necessarily the best kind. Many brides find a bridesmaids dress in white or off-white that works perfectly, and is hundreds of dollars cheaper. There are thousands of dresses to be had at sample sales, thrift stores, and ebay. Consider taking pictures from magazines to a friend who sews or seamstress and getting a price quote.

If you choose to make your own dress, don’t delay. The sooner you finish it, the sooner you’ll be able to attend to the many other details of your wedding.

Den røde Cottage KBH

Don’t forget this is your wedding day. Wear whatever makes you comfortable and feels like you. And have fun shopping for your dress. It should be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Top 6 Tips for Finding Your Perfect Wedding Dress in Aarhus and Copenhagen

Selecting the right wedding dress is one of the most important decisions you will make in planning your wedding. It can be more than a little daunting, as you know all eyes are going to be on you – and your dress – on the big day and you want to make sure that you are looking your best. It’s enough to drive some brides to despair. But with a little pre-planning it’s easy to get organized and on the right track to finding “the one”. Here are 6 top tips to help you find the perfect wedding dress for you:

Your Perfect Wedding Dress

Look for what you like

1. Look for what you like – Some of us girls even have pictures of dresses saved from before we got our proposal! Looking in wedding magazines is always the useful first step to getting an idea of what you want – it’s fun too. Also use the internet as a resource. Keep these clippings and bookmark sites in your web browser. Top Tip: Use Google’s Image Search function to quickly browse through pictures of dresses (go to the Google homepage and click on the text that says ‘Images’ in the top left hand corner. Then search as normal for ‘wedding dresses’ – the results will be images instead of text).

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Look for what you like

Look early

2. Look early – This means looking at around 9 months ahead if possible. Say you have a proposal, set a date – ideally you can start looking then. If you are ordering a custom dress then this can take months to make and if you need alterations – as the majority of women do – this will also take time. A good seamstress is often booked up far in advance, so getting in early is essential.

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Set a budget for the dress

3. Set a budget – Why does there have to be a budget?! Well, it’s way too easy to go overboard with the dress – but it is unfair to spend a huge proportion of the budget on a dress if it means your guests have to eat bread rolls all night! It’s important to strike a balance and setting a budget in advance can help you focus. And remember you can find stunning gowns for a few hundred pounds if you know where to look (check out our site below for more on this). Also remember alterations could cost a few hundred pounds, although some boutiques will do the alterations in store for you, if you negotiate with them.

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rice weddings

How to pay for the dress

4. How to pay – Instead of using a cash deposit, use a credit card. Why? To protect your purchase in case something goes wrong. This happened to my sister-in-Law… the dress shop went out of business a few weeks before her wedding day. Thankfully it was covered by the credit card company.

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How to pay for the dress

Set deadlines for trying and buying the dress

5. Set deadlines – From the point you buy your dress you need to give the seamstress specific deadlines for delivering the required alterations. It’s probably a good idea to allow for a bit of leeway and set deadlines that have a 1 – 2 week contingency built in.

Se bryllupsfotos fra Tyrstrup Kro her.

Set deadlines for trying and buying the dress

Bring a friend

6. Bring a friend – Or someone you trust. Someone who has a style you like – this may not be your mum and it may not be your best friend. As much as you may like the look of a dress, a good second opinion is an essential sanity check. Remember to keep things appropriate – a grand wedding probably calls for a classic wedding dress and not a short white number. A semi-formal ceremony means you can wear a coloured dress or even something more modern and funky.

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How To Find A Wedding Dress

Searching for a wedding dress can be a tough task. But these easy steps will make the search a lot easier.

Wedding dress Denmark

The best place to start is the internet

The best place to start is the internet. It is easy and free! Use popular search engines to find the best wedding planning and wedding dress designer websites. Search these sites for popular designs and save images of your favorite wedding dresses.

Læs mere om bryllup på Aagard Kro her.

Take note of the style you tend to be drawn to and also note down what you like about each wedding dress. Find real reviews and testimonials for your favorite designers to get a real guide on their service and quality.

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The best place to start is the internet

The next step is to buy a few wedding magazines

The next step is to buy a few wedding magazines. They are expensive, but well worth the money when your wedding dress research is concerned. These are great because you can cut wedding dresses out and if you want to have your gown made buy a designer or a seamstress, cut out dresses and stick your favorite parts together. Cut the bodice off one and the skirt of another. This will help you to visualize the design you want and will also help to relay your thoughts to you wedding dress designer or seamstress.

Se bryllupsfotos fra Ballebro Færgekro her.

Now you are ready for the fun part! Trying on those beautiful gowns you have had your eye on!

Even if you are having your wedding dress made, it is always best to try on similar styles to the one you have chosen. This will ensure the shape and cut will flatter your figure and help with other decisions like the shape of the bust line, strapless or non-strapless, full skirt, a-line or slinky. Remember wedding dresses always look different on the rack and on the models then they will look on you.

The next step is to buy a few wedding magazines

Se bryllupsbilleder fra Broholm Slot her.

When you are looking and trying on wedding dresses…..

When you are looking and trying on wedding dresses, there are a few things you should check. Check the seam line and make sure it is even and neat, feel the quality of the fabric and always choose high quality materials. High quality materials will look nice and sit better on your body. Ask the store if they have a seamstress on duty and discus with her/him any changes you would like to make and ask if they are possible.

Once you have found your dream wedding dress …

Once you have found your dream wedding dress and you are ready to place your order you will need to be measured by the store so they can order the correct size for you. When you attend your measurement appointment you will need to have the shoes you are wearing on your wedding day as many hemlines are made to the length ordered and it is very difficult to change the length. Be sure to check with the seamstress if you want to change the length of the wedding dress after it has been ordered.

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Once you have found your dream wedding dress ...

Most wedding dress designers have a lead time of 3-6 months

Most wedding dress designers have a lead time of 3-6 months as the dresses are generally made in Europe or Asia and are made when the order is placed. Most designers produce wedding dresses in batches every 3-4 months so ensure you allow enough time for your order to be filled.

Once you have chosen your design and placed your order ask the store if you can take a photo of the gown on. This will help when selecting jewelry, make up and hair design.

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How to Survive Your Wedding Photo Shoot

A photo shoot is often something we want to get over with so that we can get back to our guests and get the party started! With that being said, the photo shoot is not something you want to go through half heartedly. By investing time and effort in this you will create lasting memories of your Big Day (and the guests will wait for you – they are not going anywhere!). To survive your photo shoot I would suggest you pack yourself a goodie-bag that would carry you through your photo shoot and the rest of your day – you can ask your maid of honour or a bride’s maid to keep this bag of miracles close-by.

Tissues and wet wipes

Tissues and wet wipes

A session like this can be quite time-consuming and as a Very Important Person (if not the most), you want to be prepared to get through this and still look like a million dollars! Tissues and wet wipes will come in very handy when it feels like you are melting away – a great tool for damage control!

Touch-up make-up

Touch-up make-up

Standing around with a permanent smile while the sun is beating down on you is no joke, but at least you can ensure that you look absolutely beautiful while doing it. Pack some touch-up make-up, especially lipstick and powder to take away any shine left by the weather (or your nerves).

Brush and clips wedding

Brush and clips

The weather (wind) or just going through the motions might have an unpleasant effect on the hair style you spent so much time on – more additions to your goodie bag would be a brush and extra clips or hairspray (if needed).


A colourful sarong that can double up as a prop or a dark blanket to keep your dress clean while striking a pose would be a wise add-on. Ask your photographer whether he/she will be providing these items, if not pack them yourself. This will be used whenever you need to sit down (or get creative) in an open field, on a beach etc.

Props wedding

Bottled water and snacks

The bride is usually way to nervous to eat something before the ceremony and way to busy mingling to have something after the photo shoot. Pack some light snacks to have in between shots, like nuts, a banana and a bottle of still water (cheese curls and Fanta Grape would be a bad choice!)

With this life-saver goodie bag by your side, you are now geared for any unforeseen events. Take a deep breath, bum in, bosom out and smile!

Planning to get married?

Planning to get married? Looking for exclusive ideas for wedding day? Search no more: I will share with you innovative fantastic ideas to make your wedding stand out and be remembered for years to come!



If you want to have a wedding that is truly out of this world, it is actually very simple to achieve! “How?” I hear you ask. Well, all you need to do is to have an alternative style of dress, or to replace the usual Meldenson march with something a little more passionate, such as hard rock music for example! All invited to your wedding will be surprised and it will make your wedding truly unforgettable. If, however, you think that hard rock music is a little too much to bear, then how about putting on one of your favourite songs that is also original and lively?

Sjette Frederiks Kro
Skodsborg Kurhotel

We conducted a painstaking amount of research into the subject of weddings and uncovered several marriage ceremonies that you could call ‘out of the ordinary’. These ceremonies are famous throughout the world for their extravagance and significance. We found ‘wild’ weddings, ‘fairytale’ weddings, ‘ethnic-style’ weddings, ‘exotic’ weddings, ‘retro’ weddings or even ‘time-machine’ wedding and, last but not least, ‘art-style’ weddings. In the next few paragraphs, we will take you on a guided tour of these weddings and give you a report on the types of weddings that are out there for you to enjoy.

Wild weddings

Wild weddings

We shall begin with the ‘wild’ wedding. This type of wedding requires you to be extremely brave, to cast away your inhibitions and to simply revel in the rush of adrenaline. The ‘wild’ wedding really does lives up to its name – it is so flamboyant and extreme! If you want your wedding to be in this style, you need bags of energy to be able to really let off steam and to party!

Skrøbelev Gods
Lykkesholm Slot
Sophiendal Gods

To be specific, a ‘wild’ wedding is not a standard marriage ceremony; it is an exuberant fantasy which brings with it a tide of pleasure. So, how does one achieve a wedding such as this? Well, you need to think about how you can make alterations to the typical wedding scenario. In place of a bouquet you could carry a wreath, for example, you could wear Gothic attire instead of a wedding dress or hire unusual transport like a fast, sports car. How about organising a banquet on a quiet country lane or in a surgery? You could add to the fantasy of the occasion by incorporating alternative pranks into the ceremony. For two whole days you and your guests will be kept amused! At the end of the day, a ‘wild’ wedding needs to do what it says on the tin – be wild! The idea of fantasy is to know no boundaries or inhibitions! Use this as a basis for your own ‘wild’ wedding!

Fairytale weddings

Fairytale weddings

The next type of alternative wedding is the ‘fairytale’ wedding. As you can probably guess, dear readers, fairytale weddings are weddings that, yes you guessed it, are based on fairytales! Fairytale weddings are typically based on fairytales such as “Cinderella” or “Sleeping Beauty.” The dresses will be reminiscent of fairytale dresses and the heroes of the fairytales will always be present at your ceremony. These heroes of the stories make for wonderful entourage. If you choose to be a Cinderella on your big day, then you will need a fairy godmother, a king and even some ugly sisters! Of course, you must have a wicked stepmother too. The crux of the occasion is the Ball, to which you will invite your ‘handsome prince’ – the groom. The celebrations end at midnight at which time a pumpkin-style carriage will draw up and whisk you away!

Sonnerupgaard Gods
Sønderskov herregård
Sorup Herregård
Brudepiger og brudesvende
Ethnic weddings

Ethnic weddings Copenhagen

The next type of wedding is the ‘ethnic-style’ wedding. ‘Ethnic style’ essentially means national style. Ok, so what does this mean you ask yourselves? Put simply, if you choose to have a wedding in ethnic style, then the guests, the groom, the bride and the caterers must all be dressed in national costume. The entertainment at this type of wedding is in the form of rituals, customs and observations of traditional, national ways. Revive old traditions from food to old elegant clothing. This ancient atmosphere will create time-machine wonders – it will take you and your guests centuries back; as though you were one of your ancestors! The ideas for a ethnic wedding can be derived from customs of your motherland as well as from traditions of another country that you are fond of. Whichever you choose, you will feel like a true national!

Staarup Hovedgaard
Store Restrup
Tirsbæk Slot
Exotic weddings

Exotic weddings

The next type of alternative wedding is the ‘exotic’ wedding. An ‘exotic’ wedding is similar to a wild wedding. But where at the wild wedding you can be elaborate with your dreams, at an exotic wedding you can incorporate your hobbies. If you love parachute jumping, then go ahead! If you like motorcycles, then no problem! Tie some tins-cans to a Vampire and off you go! Just make sure you have a courtege for the motorcycles. The bride can be dressed in white leathers with a bandana on her head in place of a veil. The groom can wear tight-fitting, black trousers instead of a morning suit and a necktie. A bride and groom on a motorcycle with tin-cans attached to the back, What a sight to behold!

Tulstrup Kro
Ulriksholm Kro
Valdemars Slot
A bride and groom

Underwater weddings

Have you ever heard of an underwater wedding? Well, this style of wedding is a type of exotic wedding! The couple’s first kiss is underwater as well as the exchanging of the rings and even the signing of the register! To make the occasion even more exotic, you could have the ceremony on a desert island. Although whether you can call it a desert island after you have planned your wedding on it remains to be seen!

Valg af lokation
Vejret og naturen
Vestsjælland Bryllup
Retro weddings

Retro weddings

The next alternative wedding is the ‘retro-style’ wedding. This style is in keeping with the period of the ’60s to the ’90s. What can we say about this type of wedding? Well, the traditions, the music and the attire all are reminiscent of this period. The bride and the groom wear clothing that is typical of the time and the music and customs also conform to the period. Classic, ethnic and beautiful styles are all characteristic of ‘retro style.’

Vielse i Åbyhøj
Vielse på KBH rådhus

Body-paintings: art-style wedding

The final, alternative-style wedding is the ‘art-style’ wedding. If you know anything about art-style, then you will realise that if you have this type of wedding, you don’t just need to be brave, you need to be VERY brave! Art-style involves decorating the body with special paints. Art style is contemporary in its design. The wedding attire consists of very unusual body paintings that can be almost anything depends on your taste and fantasy. Just imagine!

wedding clothes

Eastern Touch

Influenced by an eastern tradition called mehendi to decorate bride’s palms, feet. In Western variations it expands to back and shoulders. Imagine, a bride, with beautifully decorated hands, feet, shoulders and back, wearing open wedding clothes to demonstrate this artistic design.

Vrå Slot
Wedding photographer

Of course, to have this type of wedding it is also extreme. It is a very amusing way to enjoy the wedding. To put it simply, if you are a creative person who is not afraid of anything and anyone, then why not go for it?

Wedding is a celebration

Wedding is a celebration in which couples begin their married life. Concept and customs of marriage varies between countries, religions, casts, cultures. Marriage also depends on economic condition of bride and grooms family. But both Eastern and western marriages has its own importance. Nuptial is the common adjective of “wedding” used in zoology.

Koldinghus Bryllup
Bryllup i KBH
Kragerup Gods
Wedding is a celebration

Wedding rings

Wedding rings or wedding vows symbolizes the Western wedding, where as wedding chain symbolizes the Eastern wedding. There are many differences between Eastern and western wedding for example differences in wedding reception, wedding halls, wedding party and many other things.

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Wedding rings

Wedding reception

Wedding reception is very common in western wedding ceremonies. Some times receptions are arranged after wedding, some times before. Commonly receptions arrange in evening times. Dinner in reception is quite different from other dinners. Western wedding include dance, music, orchestras, poetry, prayer.

Some traditions of Western wedding represents the bride’s and her father’s relationship and her relationship with new family. Some traditions symbolizes the relationship between husband and wife. Modern couples are not giving importance to these tradition. Day by day these customs are vanishing.

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Wedding rings plays very big role in every western marriage. Wedding rings are the sign of expressing one’s love and affection to his beloved. It is the symbol of faith and confidence. The moment of exchanging Wedding rings between bride and groom is unforgotten memory in their life. It symbolizes future relationship of couples.

Wedding reception

Best man concept

Best man concept is commonly associated with western weddings, especially in British tradition. Best man is responsible to present wedding rings during the symbolic moment of exchange of ring/s between the bride and the groom in front of all guests at wedding hall.

In western countries, wedding is a great moment which gives a new life to both bride and groom. Marriage is a precursor to parenthood, taking the promise of a new generation. This precious moment is embedded with traditions, customs, celebrations including engagement and wedding receptions.

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Best man concept

In respect to dress of bride, white plays an important role

In respect to dress of bride, white plays an important role in ritual of wedding in western culture. As new designs of wedding gowns are available, today brides may attracted towards these designs that do not look very traditional. However, The tradition of wearing wedding gowns in western weddings, has unchanged. There are different types of Wedding are followed in western culture. They are Double wedding, Destination wedding, weekend wedding, white wedding, military wedding, civil wedding, sneak wedding etc. 

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Double wedding

Double wedding is a single celebration where two arranged couples meet for two continuous marriages. In some of the countries like Philippines, Indonesia marriage of two siblings in a year is recognized as unfortunate and it is declared as “sukob”. A marriage in which couple and their guests travel from one place to another to attend the ceremony is known as Destination wedding. This type of weddings are arranged in beaches in the Caribbean islands. It is a type of wedding in which couples and all their invited guests celebrate the ceremony during the weekend is known as weekend wedding. Commonly golf tournaments are arranged in weekend weddings to entertain guests. The name indicates the color of the wedding gown, which was highly popular in Victorian period which represent the purity and innocence of childhood. As grown white color symbolizes virginity.

Double wedding

A military wedding

A military wedding is a marriage held at a military chapel. In almost all military weddings the groom wear a military uniform. Military soldiers and their family members commonly opt for a military wedding.

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Wedding ceremony

Wedding ceremony presided over by ministers, judges, mayors and other civil authorities or any great personalities. civil wedding commonly takes place in local cities, town halls or in front of judge in court yards. Marrying without consent or approval of parents or others is known as Sneak wedding.

Wedding is a celebration